Cathedral Parkway Towers PreSchool is open and accepting new applications. 

We continue to take the following precautions based on local, state, national and Department of Education requirements and suggestions, in order to maintain a safe environment for children and staff. 

  1. Upon arrival, all parents have to complete a health screening questionnaire regarding their child's recent exposure, or lack thereof, to the coronavirus, and any symptoms, their child might be experiencing.

  2. Temperature checks of each child and staff member entering the program are done every morning. Children and staff who have an elevated temperature, 100.4 are not permitted entry. Parents are advised that the child must see a doctor, receive a COVID test. If the child or staff person tests positive, they must stay home for 14 days in quarantine, return to the doctor for re-testing and medical clearance to return to the pre-school. Unfortunately, one positive COVID test means we must close the classroom for 14 days, during which time we require all parents to have their children tested.

  3. Parents are required to deliver the child/children to the teacher at the front door. We have established this requirement to avoid having 30 additional adults (if one parent comes in, and 60 additional adults if two) the goal is to limit the amount of contact with individual children and the staff.

  4. In the preschool, we are practicing social distancing by requiring staff to interact six feet from each other. We have children and staff seated 6' apart and of course we encourage children to social distance as well. 

  5. State guidelines require us to have no more than 15 children in a room. To further protect the children, the children stay with one primary caregiver throughout the day.

  6. Meals (breakfast, lunch, and snack) are no longer served family style. Each meal is individually wrapped and served.

  7. Children are permitted to use the playground in groups of five with their teacher. The groups distance on the playground as well.

  8. Only visitors on official business are admitted to the preschool.

  9. The only items permitted to be brought into the preschool are a change of clothes for your child in a plastic, disposable bag.

  10. Staff must wear face masks at all times except when eating. Children are also required to wear masks except when eating or sleeping.

  11. Toys, furniture and equipment are constantly cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.