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About Cathedral Parkway Towers Preschool

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Keep it Movin'!

Throughout 2020 we'll continue to utilize  creative ways to learn and play in the vibrancy of New York.

Cathedral Parkway Towers Preschool has been educating and caring for children ages 2 to 4 years old on the west side of Manhattan for the past 30 years.  Under the accomplished direction of Director Sandra Hunt-Smith, the preschool continues to draw parents and their children through its welcoming doors.  We provide a warm, loving, nurturing environment where children are encouraged to develop their full potential emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually.  We are fortunate to have very experienced and talented teachers who genuinely enjoy working with young children.  Parents, Teachers and Administrators form a strong partnership to offer the highest quality education to our young children.

Children are encouraged to choose activities from a myriad of learning materials geared to their individual levels of achievement.  They are encouraged to persist at tasks, always bringing them to completion.  Confidence building activities promote the motivation to accomplish more challenging goals.


Preparing children to read and write proficiently is an important component of the Cathedral Parkway Towers Preschool program.  The children are offered literature through interesting and informative activities. They are read to often throughout the day and are given opportunities for exploration of letters and numerals.